Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

We can now send you prescriptions electronically to your local chemist of choice. If you wish to use this service you will need to inform us or register with your chosen chemist.

A full list of pharmacies who are offering electronic prescriptions is listed on NHS Choices website.

More information about the Electronic Prescription Service is available from your local pharmacy, at the GP surgery or on-line at www.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/eps.

Electronic Prescription Service Phase 4

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic a planned change to the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS Phase 4) has been accelerated and will activate in our practice from Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

This will mean all patients will need to select a pharmacy to have their prescriptions sent to electronically as paper prescriptions will no longer be produced.

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time; you can do this via the NHS app, which is available to download on any smartphone.

For further information please see: digital.nhs.uk/services/electronic-prescription-service/phase-4

If you do not have a nominated pharmacy your prescription will be held on the NHS Spine and available for download at any local pharmacy. To download your prescription the pharmacy will need your name, date of birth or your NHS number. If you do not know your NHS number this is also available on the NHS app.

Page updated: 22 April 2020