On the day appointments

Please telephone the surgery on 0151 355 2112 during surgery hours, our on-the-day appointments are first triaged by a Doctor.  The receptionist will take your details and add you onto the Doctor’s morning or afternoon call sheet, they will ask you for a brief description of what is wrong so the Doctor can prioritise the calls. (If you don’t wish to divulge your problem you can say it is personal). They will ensure we have your up to date contact details.  We aren’t able to give an exact time for the telephone call from the Doctor it will be either morning or afternoon.

The Doctor will telephone the patient on the number given, please ensure you are available to take the call, the Doctor will try two times, if they can’t get through to the patient it will be classed as a did not attend and will need to be re-booked for the next available clinic.

If the doctor speaks to the patient and decides they need further examination they will give the patient an appointment for later the same day.

One Person one appointment

It may be tempting if you have family members with you to ask about them as well, but the time available is limited.  If you take longer than the appointment time, patients after you end up being seen late.

Missed appointments

The practice has a high number of patients who don’t bother to turn up for their appointments. Please remember to cancel your appointment if you find you can’t attend.

Page updated: 3 March, 2017