How to book a pre-bookable appointment with the Doctor

These appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

You can book appointments with the practice at reception, on-line or by phone, please telephone on 0151 355 2112 after 10.30am and tell the receptionist you wish to book a pre-bookable appointment.

How to book appointments on-line

You first need to register for this service at the surgery. You will need to produce 2 forms of identification to prove who you are and then you will receive a log in and password from the receptionist.  You must be over 16 years of age to do this.

Once you have your log in details you can book your appointment by following this link. This is a new system (July 2017) and you will need to re-register if you have a login to the old system.

One Person one appointment

It may be tempting if you have family members with you to ask about them as well, but the time available is limited.  If you take longer than the appointment time, patients after you end up being seen late.

Missed appointments

The practice has a high number of patients who don’t bother to turn up for their appointments. Please remember to cancel your appointment if you find you can’t attend.

Page updated: 4 July, 2017